Hey, I am A Catfish.

The start of 2017 marks the beginning of my new life as well. I will soon be embarking on a 2 year journey of living in a foreign country that I have barely even visited, let alone lived alone in. It is extremely nerve-wracking and it fills me with anxiety. I am grateful to have been fortunate enough to still be alive and able to continue learning.

I’m definitely still a fetus when it comes down to experience and knowledge. Just one of those people, who has completely no idea what I want to do with my life or what I aspire to be. I know that one day I want to settle down, have kids and pass on with age. However, what leads up to that or even the details on getting there as just things that have to be left to the universe or “fate”. Leaving something up to “fate” has always been a sort of wishy-washy feeling for me, where I would tell myself that its entirely imaginary. Sweet irony hits me as deep down I slightly believe and hope in things such as “fate” or “destiny”, be they real or illusions of the mind. I’ve always been a sappy, hopeless romantic that devours Rom-Coms and chic flicks like I was alone on a deserted island and starved.

Hearing, watching and reading about some true experiences people underwent and how romantic their love stories came true has always turned me green with envy. For example, Youtuber and Entrepreneur Michelle Phan; met her longtime boyfriend and model, Dominique Capraro, in Paris. Or how Actor Neil Patrick Harris met his husband and fellow Actor, David Burtka on the set of How I Met Your Mother. Both incredible stories and as if they were a Shoujo Manga or K-Drama come to life.

Hahaha. I’ve gone off topic now.

Moving on, living in another country, be it temporary, is still nerve-wracking. I’ve always been the kind of person to avoid large events or places with large amounts of people whilst I am alone. However, in another country, where I hardly know anyone, doesn’t seem like a acceptable option. I have to overcome my shyness and make friends. That would be my number one goal to achieve after moving in. I have never been athletically-gifted or musically talented. If anything, I’m borderline average. Never been good at sports or instruments, especially anything stamina related or involving eye-hand coordination. I was a fat kid. Still am.

I’m just an shy, average, hopeless romantic. Stick along for the wavy ride with me through life.

Ok. Bye.

-A Catfish


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